Sunday, May 9, 2010

I Heart Knitting Hat

This hat was my first attempt at fair isle knitting, and it was cool. I got the pattern from Pickles but decided to modify the patter to make it on US 8 needles instead of 6, and only have 3 rows of hearts instead of 5.

For the cream background color, I used malabrigo worsted in Natural, with the colored hearts in Cascade Heathers. Ideally, the entire hat would be made in the same yarn. Since I have such a large head, I still CO 100 sts on US 8.

Knit a rib stitch, K2, P2 until the piece is 2"

This link from has a great video under knitting with two colors (stranding method) on how to knit something with two colors like this. The key is not pulling the new color too tight to avoid the entire thing puckering.

Knit one round and start the pattern. Change colors every time you start a new row of hearts.

As soon as you've finished the third row of hearts, start decreasing.

If you want to make the larger hat size (like mine) decrease like this:
1st round: *K2tog, K 18* Repeat from * to * throughout the round.
Knit one round.
3nd round: *K2tog, K17* Repeat from * to * throughout the round.
Knit one round.
5th round: *K2tog, K16* Repeat from * to * throughout the round.
Knit one round.
7th round: *K2tog, K15* Repeat from * to * throughout the round.
Knit one round.
9th round: *K2tog, K14* Repeat from * to * throughout the round.
Knit one round.
Then continue the decrease pattern (subtracting one stitch off the one you're knitting every round) until you have 12 sts left.

If you want the hat to be a smaller and less baggy, omit the "Knit one round" in between the first several decrease rows and just decease every row.

When 12 stitches remain, use a needle to thread the yarn through the stitches and pull. Assemble.

Coordinating fingerless gloves to come.


  1. A knitting I am a member of guild has a challenge. Four colors of crayons were drawn from a basket, no peeking, and the challenge is to make something using only the four colors you have drawn. Even numbers are hard to work with but this hat is ideal for the project we have been given. I will give it a try and see how it comes out. The colors may not be ones that you would really like to work with and this hat will be wonderful. Thanks for the wonderful websight.

    1. I will try to introduce your project idea to our group!

  2. Perfect for Christmas gifts!

  3. I would like to make the hat for grandaughters . How do I adjust for a child ages 8 to ten yrs old

  4. I think the second box down from the farthest right-hand corner of the heart chart should be blank. Otherwise the hearts in the upper row won't be uniform to the hearts in the lower row.

  5. Jillannbal is correct, but the square that should be blank is the 2nd square from the top in the farthest right-hand corner. If you compare your chart to the original PICKLES From Norway with Love pattern, you'll see yours is incorrectly marked as a colored square when it should be a blank square. upper right-hand corner 2nd square from the top should be blank and use the MC yarn.

  6. Thank you SO much for sharing this! I'm going to make it for my 5 year old daughter. :)

  7. Did you ever get time to do the mittens to match this great hat?